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      Have you ever quit a game because you did not have enough time to play? The Nintendo Switch console adapts to your situation so you can play the games you want to play despite the daily rush. In this new era, you do not have to adjust your life to play games - instead, your console adapts to your circumstances. Play when, where and with whom you want, with the freedom and flexibility of different game modes.

      In front of the TV in the big group.
      Connect the console to the TV and anyone can play along - whether child or adult. So playing with friends and family is fun.

      Split screen for double fun.
      If there is no TV at the moment, simply use the console display and give a Joy-Con to a friend. Already you can play together or against each other, all on the screen of the console.

      Out and about with the big screen.
      Enjoy the same gaming experience as on a TV - even on the go. Play rousing games you would never have dreamed of a portable version.

      Local Multiplayer
      Connect up to eight multiplayer consoles - Players can connect up to eight Nintendo Switch consoles to play multiplayer games with or against each other.

      Online multiplayer mode
      When you sign up for Nintendo Switch's online subscription service, you can play with distant friends and players around the world. Subscribers can also use a smart device app to meet online to play, meet online and use a voice chat.

      More fun with Joy-Con
      The Nintendo Switch console has a controller on each side, which can be used together: the Joy-Con.
      If you connect both Joy-Con with the Joy-Con holder, you can use it like a traditional controller. Without the bracket you can use both independently as two separate controllers.
      Just give a joy-con to a friend and you can play multiplayer games together or against each other.
      The Joy-Con can each be used individually vertically or horizontally for playing, but also playing with a Joy-Con per hand is possible.
      Connect the Joy-Con wrist loops included in the package to the Joy-Con and then attach it to your wrist to use motion control. If you hold the Joy-Con sideways, you can also use the SL and SR buttons comfortably.

      A whole new feel
      Imagine the Joy-Con is a glass of ice cubes. Thanks to the HD vibration, you can feel the ice cubes moving in the glass as you move the Joy-Con.
      One, two ... The HD vibration is so realistic that you can tell how many ice cubes it is - as if you actually hold the glass in your hand.
      The HD vibration function of Joy-Con allows a rousing gaming experience that would not be possible only through image and sound.

      Feel Shape, Motion, and Distance
      The Joy-Con (R) infrared motion camera detects shapes, movements, and the distance of objects the camera sees.
      For example, she can tell if a hand is showing scissors, stone, or paper. With this new feature, you now have more input methods than ever before!

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